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    San Antonio Lawn Mowing, San Antonio, TX 78251

  • We offer multiple Full Service lawn care programs which always include Mowing, Trimming, Edging and Blowing off all walkways.

  • Adding fresh Mulch to improve the look of your landscape, Trimming shrubs and hedges giving it that clean cut look will keep your property curb appeal.

  • Getting a greener healthier lawn goes beyond just mowing.  We offer a natural fertilization program that won't just feed the lawn but also condition the soil.

  • Some of the benefits of lawn aeration include loosening up thatch, increase oxygen to the roots, reduce soil compaction finally allow water and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil.

  • Lawn Care and Landscaping Services

    San Antonio Lawn Mowing specialize in maintaining your homes image with the right lawn care program.

  • Benefits of adding mulch to a new or existing landscape.  Weed prevention, moisture retention, maintaining soil nutrients and giving your landscape area a fresh look.

  • Shrub and Bush trimming brings that clean maintain look to your properties curb appeal.  We prune bushes that require a touch up or foliage that needs major attention.

  • Getting started on our Hybrid fertilization program will help promote a healthier greener lawn.  We use a combination of natural and synthetic fertilizers applied at the right time, to continuously feed your turf.  Our program includes; up to five feedings a year with the proper nutrient combination for the season as a result your lawn will the envy of your neighbors.

  • Core Aeration method removes plugs from your lawn breaking up thatch, increasing air flow, absorption of water and nutrients when paired with top dressing or fertilization this will improve your lawns overall health.

  • Lawn mowing, landscaping or lawn treatments no matter what, we take pride in our work.

  • San Antonio Lawn Mowing specializes in weekly and biweekly lawn mowing service to residential and commercial properties in the Far West Side of San Antonio, TX.  Our service area includes Alamo Ranch, Westover Hills, Helotes, Potranco and the Sea World area.  Using commercial grade lawn care equipment our process begins with a clean edge between the grass and hard space then we trim along the property were our mowers can't get to.   

  • We mow the lawn with commercial grade equipment, once mowing is completed; we clean up the area by blowing off all walkways, driveways and patios. Choosing our weekly lawn service and adding our fertilizing program will get your lawn the best results. Lawn service is done on the same day of the recurring schedule selected through the growing season,  Once winter comes along and the grass goes dormant at that time you may switch from your normal scheduled service to a winter schedule of a tri-weekly or monthly visit at no extra charge.