• Lawn Fertilization

  • Our Fertilization Schedule

  • Early Spring

    First lawn fertilization application of the season will help the lawn recover from winter and promote new growth. 

  • Late Spring

    Applying treatment at this time will build a stronger root system and lawn in prep for summer.

  • Summer

    Applying natural fertilizer during the summer, will help condition the soil to promote water retention.

  • Fall/Winter

    Fall fertilization will help recover from the summer and the winter application will help condition the lawn for next growing season.

  • Lawn Fertilization Program

    Our Lawn Fertilization program features a hybrid approach.  We use a combination of synthetic and natural fertilizers each one applied at the right time during the year.  With the hybrid approach we see positive results in promoting healthy growth and soil conditioning.  Nature's Creation, a San Antonio based company, is our preferred natural fertilizer,  their blend conditions the soil that produces and maintains a healthier environment for your turf.  Our preferred synthetic fertilizer is manufactured by APF (American Plant Food Corporation) they produce custom formulas tailored for our region.  Synthetics will promote plant growth and greening of the lawn.

  • Actual Results (no edits) from San Antonio Lawn Mowing's Lawn Fertilization Program.

    Grass type: EL TORO ZOYSIA
  • Natural Fertilizer

    • Kid and Pet Friendly - there's no wait time to play.
    • Slow Release Nitrogen - this is important because fast acting nitrogen will give the grass a quick boost but doesn't last unlike a slow release that can feed the lawn until the next application.
    • Never Burns the Lawn - because the product that we use is natural it will never burn the lawn.
    • Feeds the Soil - adding a natural fertilizer to our program doesn't just help the grass but conditions the soil creating a better living environment for the turf.
    • Safe on all Grass Types - Bermuda, St. Augustine, Buffalo and Zoysia.
    • In addition to lawns it's great for Gardens, Annuals, Perennials, Trees, Shrubs and Roses.
  • Synthetic Fertilizer

    • Combination Release Nitrogen - the fast release will promote quick green up while the slow release will provide continuous feeding in between applications.
    • Spring - Lawn Food 19-0-9 4% Iron
      • Provides nitrogen, a vital nutrient that feeds your lawn.
      • Potassium will help defend the plant from disease.
      • Iron will give the lawn a deeper green.
    • Fall and Winter - Winterizer 14-7-24 - This is one of the most important and missed times to use a fertilizer some of the benefits are:
      • Providing nutrients reserves during colder months, when the grass goes dormant.
      • Encourages recovery from summer stress.
      • Escalates root development.
      • Increases water retention.
      • Improves tolerance for some cool weather fungus.