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  • I absolutely love San Antonio Lawn Mowing! They're service is the best and they are so professional. I highly recommend them. Prices are great and staff is very trustworthy.

    Rating: Paula Guajardo Garcia

  • This guy is great!! I'm a single mom of 3 who works full time 7 days a week and i have very little time to take care of my yard. He always has it beautifully manicured every two weeks like clockwork and always a reminder text sent to remind me he's coming. Affordable lawn care and beautifully done!!!!

    Rating: Dawn Fricano

  • He does a great job every time. Definitely gets my recommendation.

    Rating: Alfred Garcia

  • Great service everytime! Would definitely recommend.

    Rating: Jackie Ortiz

    • Ko Min D. Scruff-muffin
      Ko Min D. Scruff-muffin
      02:17 26 Dec 16
      Dec 21st Yard Clean up. I've got 8 trees, so millions of leaves, twigs, acorns, plus other things that needed trimming back, all stuff I can no longer do because of back problems. I've only used his service this one time, (so far), but my yard was a hot mess. He provided some of the best service I've seen in 10 years, worked his butt off out there, 4 HOURS worth. Blew, raked, edged, trimmed, cut back and mowed. It's winter, so no great shakes to look at right now, but, you can see it's a yard ready for the spring again, a 100% improvement. I'm absolutely satisfied with this this job. Everyone puts forth their best foot when first initiating a client, but I got the impression he didn't have to try hard. He seems to genuinely be a very diligent worker, who likes doing his best while he's working. Polite, and pleasant also. Can't speak about what the future holds, when at the height of the yard season he's busy and it's 90+ degrees out, but I'm sure willing to find out. I will call again come the spring. I would show a picture, but I didn't think to take a "before" shot, and without that a picture really wouldn't tell you much. You could not imagine the mess. (two 96-gallon bins worth of yard waste, plus plenty for the compost pile) All gone!
      Michael Marlow
      Michael Marlow
      23:38 27 Feb 17
      Ed was the only lawn care company that responded to my many calls for a quote. Thankfully, he was the only one I needed. He did a great job and was very quick too. Much faster that I could have ever done it. My lawn is no longer a jungle and I can see the dogs again!
      Clayton Nygaard
      Clayton Nygaard
      20:39 20 Nov 16
      Found Ed through thumbtack and he has been great for all my lawn care needs. He has suggested additional services such as seasonal fertilization to keep my lawn looking great. I have also used him for gutter clean out and am planning to use him for leaf removal as well. Very satisfied with the service his company provides.
      Kristie Wright
      Kristie Wright
      14:32 20 Nov 16
      San Antonio Law mowing did a great job on my lawn. I am really happy with the work they did. The owner communicates promptly and seems to really care about his customers. Very respectful and you can see that in the job they do. Will be using them going forward.
      Xchel George
      Xchel George
      13:33 20 Nov 16
      We found Ed through Thumbtack, he was able to schedule us quickly and has great rates, we are so glad we chose to use his service. We are on a bi-weekly schedule with him. He is very professional and takes the time to double check that everything has been done to our satisfaction. Happy customers :)
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