• Lawn Care Professional the Reasons Why You Should Hire One

  • You are probably like everyone else when it comes to your property.  You like being able to look at a well-maintained lawn and landscape.  Making this happen can be a challenge.  You are probably very busy trying to balance your job responsibilities with your family obligations.  This leaves little time to research the best possible weed control as well as lawn fertilizer and more.  You can benefit from comprehensive lawn care provided by professionals at San Antonio Lawn Mowing in San Antonio, TX.  As experts in our field we can keep your lawn beautiful and healthy all year.  Here are some reasons why you should hire a lawn care professional.

    Full Service
    A lawn care professional makes it possible for you to have a great lawn in San Antonio, TX without the excessive investment of your personal time.  We provide you with full-service lawn care.  From mowing your lawn, installing mulch, prune trees, shrub and hedge trimming as well as lawn fertilization.  

    Cost Effective
    When you use a lawn care professional, your costs for lawn services may be lower than the cost you would pay doing it yourself.  When you add up all of the retail prices you would pay for commercial grade products and equipment, using experts for your lawn is very cost effective.  Many property owners aren't aware of the latest and most effective lawn maintenance products available.  The instructions also may be confusing making it difficult to understand.  Not properly applying the product could result in wasting money and causing damage to your lawn.

    What will make your lawn so successful are the details in its care.  Knowing the right time to fertilize is essential.  It's also important to have landscaping done at the right time of year.  We will be able to professionally prune your hedges, shrubbery and more.  A lawn care professional has the knowledge when to install plants to avoid plant stress and have a successful growth during the season.  Your lawn is unique, and the knowledge and experience of the professionals at San Antonio Lawn Mowing can help maintain its special appearance.

    Lawn Care Schedule
    One of the most effective ways to maintain your beautiful lawn will be to have regular lawn service.  A lawn care professional will provide you with a schedule of lawn maintenance showing all of the services necessary to maintain a lawn's healthy appearance.  San Antonio Lawn Mowing offers a weekly & bi-weekly service schedules.  Having a regular schedule can guarantee you'll have consistent results.

    You may want to change the appearance of your lawn from one year to the next.  A lawn care professional can help you make the right chose from the different variety of grasses, shrubs, plants and trees that can create the lawn you want.  When the wrong items are chosen for a lawn, it can result in poor plant development, bare spots as well as unwanted weeds, insects and lawn disease. 

    We offer mulch for your landscaping.  This is a cost-effective way to give your existing beds extra benefits.  This is most important in the garden and landscaped areas.  Mulch will provide a protective layer on the top of your lawn's soil.  This will promote healthy plant and root growth.  This is an essential way for your lawn and plants to be healthy all year.

    Knowing how to properly take care of any type of lawn involves experience.  There are effective solutions with lawn maintenance which result from previously treating a variety of different lawns.  It's what enables a lawn care professional to properly diagnose the problems affecting your lawn.  Experience can provide the best possible problem resolutions available.  Experience enables us to create a detailed service plan designed to fix the specific problems of your lawn.  The knowledge we gain from experience is important when it comes to keeping your lawn looking its healthiest. 

    The appearance of your home will be greatly enhanced by your lawn.  This can provide a lot of curb appeal.  Having a lawn that is well-maintained will add style and character to your property.  Your house and lawn will both be more inviting.  Having a well-maintained lawn that is well landscaped increases your property's value.  This is especially important if you are considering selling your property.  A lawn with overgrown trees and shrubs with weeds could decrease the chances of getting your desired asking price.  When you decide to put your home on the market hire a lawn care professional to enhance you curb appeal.

    Pest Control
    There are certain insects that are essential to proper lawn maintenance.  There are other insects, as well as other pests, that can damage a lawn.  A lawn care professional will know how to keep harmful pests and insects away from your lawn using organic controls.  If your lawn becomes overgrown, it can easily develop into a breeding ground for harmful pests and insects.  This includes insects that are difficult to see such as aphids, beetles, mealybugs and more.  Under your lawn can be pests such as grubs, wireworms as well as slugs.  

    During times of summer dry spells, the moisture level in your lawn need to be maintained.  We are able to determine if your lawn is getting too little or too much water.  The best time to water a lawn is early in the morning.  The sun will cause it to get warm and dry.  This is an effective way to prevent disease.  Watering in hot afternoons is not very effective.  It causes too much moisture to evaporate.  It will not enable the water to properly moisten the soil and reach your lawn's deep roots.  Watering needs to be done at least two times a week when necessary.  When watering is done regularly, it will make your lawn better able to tolerate periods of drought.

    Know how important aeration is to your lawn.  Aeration is an effective way to avoid soil compaction.  This has a negative impact on your lawn by starving the roots.  Using a core aerator and removing plugs from your lawn will permit water, air and important nutrients to reach the roots of your grass.  This enables the roots to grow deep and results in an impressive healthy lawn.