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  • San Antonio Lawn Mowing offers a No Contract lawn care service on a weekly or biweekly visit. When you sign up for a recurring lawn care service; the service will be completed on the same day of the week every 7 or 14 days.

  • What's Included in our Lawn Care Service

  • Mowing

    We invest in our commercial equipment and sharpen our blades frequently to ensure you have a high quality cut every time.

    During the growing season; lawns are mowed at a certain height to keep the lawn healthy and looking its best.  That is why we recommend weekly lawn service so we are not removing more than a third of the grass blades at a time.

    Mowing Heights: St. Augustine: 3.5"-4"        Bermuda: 2-2.75"

  • Trimming

    This is one task most property owners hate to do, but not us.  We Trim anywhere the mower can't get in to, around the home, all defined flower & mulch beds, trees and fence line.

  • Edging

    Nothing else defines a well manicured lawn than a sharp clean edge between the grass and hard surface.

  • Leaving Your Property Clean

    Once mowing is complete we use high powered blowers to "Air Sweep" off all walkways and patios leaving all areas clear of all debris.  In the rear case of grass clumping up, we blow those apart and ensure they are properly dispersed in to the lawn.

  • Billing

    Our billing is "Pay per Cut" and payment will processed 48 hours after completion of any lawn care service.  This will give you time to inspect your property for any areas that weren't up to your expectations.  Once the 48 hours has passed the credit card on file will be conveniently processed for payment.